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Lieberearth Foundation’s Zero Waste Academy has taken an initiative to make Kolkata a waste free city in next 3 to 5 years through its Project T.H.R.O.W. and we are committed to make it happen by strategic partnership// collaboration with schools, colleges, universities, civil bodies, Govt., communities, clubs, CSR wings of private companies, Banks, NGOs, ECO clubs etc. In this regard we would like to share this opportunity with your school to participate in this novel cause by inspiring teachers and students to participate and arranging a nonhazardous waste collection and sorting center in school, where we are planning to

  1. Reduce waste generation at its source by conducting extensive awareness camp in schools, Colleges, societies, individual homes etc.
  2. Reuse Waste (Plastic, Electronic and Paper) by collecting waste from homes by schools students, college students and store it in school collection center which will be monitor by our volunteers
  3. Collect 50 kg of waste from school every time to treat the waste in Scientific method.

What we are offering : We giving you this opportunity to everyone to take action in ground to apply your all education ( Science, Art, Commerce, Social and economic skill practically to solve the waste related problem)


Rupa Pandit


Before this, I used to wait for the leader to come and lead , but now I feel I can begin the change I want

Suvranil Dutta Biswas


He is someone who wants to make a change. He has taken active part in encouraging recycling among his peers and persuading them to not throw things away randomly. He is worked as a greenager while in school. “Dirty your bag, rather than dirty the street”.

Dyuti Ghosh


Eagerly looking out for opportunities to learn and grow.

Shivam Jaiswal


I want to aware the public so that they think twice before dirtying the society

Pinaki Naskar


I am passionate about my work

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