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Planting a rainbow

A flagship project to plant different species of local fruit trees all across India on the campuses of schools and colleges. This aims to solve three problems of global warming, biodiversity destruction and food security all together. Support us by donating here or Contact us


1 Million Tree plantation drive

A project to plant 1 million trees in coming two years by crowd funding. Each tree will be given a number and a database will be created to track the status of growth and health of trees. You can adopt a tree for lifetime only for Rs. 500. Adopt a Tree here or Contact us directly by sending us the money with your detail and we will plant a tree for you.


The green books campaign

Teaching school and college students across India to be more aware of climate change and environmental degradation and make them sensitive towards mother earth. In order to support us buy our merchandise which are made from local and Eco-friendly material. You can buy our merchandise here.


Lieberearth is a socio-environmental business company founded in Kolkata, a integration of  projects, Social enterprises that connects, inspires , develop entrepreneurs and drive Social changes

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