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Every Problem related to environment and socio-economic issues can be solved 100% only when it is designed and implemented with a sustainable business model.  Charity or Donation has good intention to help underserved  and initiate a movement or bring positive change or pilot a project, but to sustain or maintenance of the solution need a business model with technology implementation, Behavioural  change communication, continuous engagement with communities, innovation, upgradation. The purpose of Lieberearth Social business Innovation Hub is to convert problems into sustainable, profitable business models without any irreversible changes in Environment or  ecosystem balance.  Its a Social Business incubator program that exists to create and enabling environment that inspires and encourages innovation & business for any citizen. Our mission is to help create scalable social businesses that tackle poverty, unemployment, and carbon emission. We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, researches, Socio-economic engineer, designers, social business leaders and mentors to create the new Industrial era where business becomes solution for ecological Problems.

If you have a business idea/project which can bring Social and Environmental sustainability and you don’t know how to start, Apply here Registration form. We will fund, seed, incubate; accelerate your idea from project to sustainable business model and solve environmental problems and climate change.

India first online ecommerce for eco-friendly products and organic groceries supplied by Farmer producers organizations across India.

Why this? 67% of Indian population is going to be in risk to have cancer by 2025 due to chemically contaminated food consumption. By promoting naturally grown food millions of people will get back their health. No use of Chemical and pesticides will improve the soil health and water bodies will no longer get polluted. This initiative supports SDG goal number 3 (Good health and well being) Goal 12 ( Responsible consumption and production)

By organizing rural farmers through Farmer producer organization ( FPO) to train them through workshop and introducing modern agricultural technology and traditional knowledge of organic farming including soil health, pitcher irrigation, natural pesticides to produce best and cost effective nutritious food for People of India, which will bring good source of income in rural villagers, nutritional problem will improve, migration of villagers in cities will reduce and harmony and peace will spread all over.  SDG 8 : Decent Work and Economic Growth

Solving drinking Water problem for 163 million through technology and strategic partnership. Removing Geogenic and pathogenic contamination from water and distribute safe and pure drinking water at affordable price to prevent water borne disease. SDG:6 Drinking Water and Sanitation.

Urban  hydroponics organic vegetable and green leaf  producer organization. Every plant take its nutrients from sucking soil moisture through its roots. Due to heavy chemical and pesticide use the soil is no more fertile and water unavailability has worsen agricultural practice unsustainable for soil, ecosystem and thread to human health. Approximately 80% agricultural water is ground water and Waste water effluent in India, many place in India ground water is contaminated with Arsenic, Chromium and any such contaminates and most of the waste water effluent is not able to treat pharmaceutical waste. Using the contaminated ground water modern science has enable us to know what specific plant needs and demands different nutrients. By recycling same water and adding organic plant nutrients will bring down soil use, water use by 95% and will increase efficiency, taste, texture of each plant. This way food production will be local and organic, Less transport , less pollution , lesser water use,  less contaminated of ecosystem will bring harmony in rural and urban life.

To promote reduce, Reuse and recycle of Plastic, Paper, Electronic gadgets, Organic waste, Cloth. This project includes individual, Community, school and Organization level intense awareness drive and workshop to include people to reduce waste and pollution at its source and rest waste will be collected from Community to recycling units as per standard practice so that no waste end up in water, sewers.

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Lieberearth is a socio-environmental business company founded in Kolkata, a integration of  projects, Social enterprises that connects, inspires , develop entrepreneurs and drive Social changes

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