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We all know that the negative impacts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from human activities are dramatically reshaping the environmental, political and social landscape. While the issue of carbon footprint reduction is urgent and should be understood by everyone clearly, the relevant knowledge and understanding of this issue seem to either little too little or scattered in pieces within a specialized set of individuals.
We aim to change this by offering workshops, seminars and interactive sessions, which provide up-to-date technical information and updated guidance on understanding, measuring and reducing carbon footprint. Our workshops are focused on individuals as well as organizations that wish to reduce their carbon footprints and lead a sustainable lifestyle, business model without affecting the earth’s ecosystem adversely. Our workshops are comprehensive and cover the following topics in detail:
1. Definitions and concepts of carbon footprint and sustainability.
2. Benefits of Carbon footprint reduction for individuals and organizations.
3. Standards for carbon footprint calculation and GHG protocol.
4. Greenhouse gas emission measurements and links to day-to-day activities.
5. Carbon footprint calculation of daily used products and services.
6. Case studies with carbon footprint calculation.
7. A follow-up learning kit and observation tools.

This workshop is typically 7-8 hours long, which can be divided into sessions of 3 hours each. The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Varun Kumar, who is an environmentalist and IIT Kanpur alumni. Currently, he is a P.hD candidate in Swiss federal institute of technology (ETH, Zurich) in Switzerland and Prasenjit Paul who is a sustainability expert and IIT Kanpur alumni, he has worked with UC Berkeley, and MIT gear lab,  USA and has done extensive work in the field of sustainability and environmental protection before founding the Lieber-earth foundation in august 2018. 

Lieber-earth foundation is a not for profit organization hence we do not charge money for our profit however to keep ourselves running we expect a contribution of INR 1000 per attendee. 

Registration Details:

Carbon Footprint and Sustainability Analysis workshop 2019

Kolkata, December 2019 ( Venue will be updated after registration )

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