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Lieberearth Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental volunteering organisation which aims to build awareness among masses on environmental sustainability and drive the cutting edge technology implementation in the field of environmental protection by fostering entrepreneurship and bringing all the necessary resources together.


We Teach

We get involved with schools, colleges and organizations to conduct tailor made training and workshop programs on understanding climate change, pollution and other environmental problems to grassroots levels. We provide comprehensive knowledge of specific topics based on one’s needs. To know more: Fill our Lieberearth Environmental Sustainability Workshop Registration form

We Help Bring Sustainability

If you are an Individual, a community , an organization or a company we are here to support you and guide you in order to bring sustainability in your day to day operations/lifestyle etc. We do this through our detailed assessment of your current ways of operation and then suggest you some sustainable ways to decrease your carbon footprint. To know more please contact us

We Work for a Green Earth

We strive to work towards a greener and sustainable planet. We are building projects to increase green cover, decrease water and air pollution and decreasing the overall negative impact on planet. Contact us to know more about our projects. To support us and donate for our projects fill our sponsorship form or donate here

Social Entrepreneurship Programme

Building sustainable businesses and creating new industry where Development and ecology are married. Where business aim to reduce net carbon emission, reduce negative environmental externalities and irreversible environmental damage to zero net carbon footprints. To know more click here Lieberearth Social business Innovation Hub. We Seed, Incubate and accelerate Social-Environmental ideas, projects, research from lab to field and commercial models to build a sustainable business apply here with your idea Apply in social entrepreneurship programme 


The positive Social change is measure by Socio-economic and Environmental Impact Assessment

Startups Supported
Lives Impacted

Your every breath depends on tree

Do you want to be a part of a campaign to fight global warming while reducing food crisis and increasing biodiversity and all of this by a single action?? Join our “plant a rainbow” project.  Adopt a fruit tree sapling and reduce your carbon food-print, help to reduce future food crisis, beat air pollution. To know more about the Plant a Rainbow Project click here  to download the presentation. Adopt a tree @490/- at online donation 

The Sustainable Development Goals

All the activites under Lieberearth are designed and implemented to achieve Social-economic Justice and Environmental Justice which fulfill United Nations SDG goals.

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About Lieberearth

Lieberearth is a socio-environmental business company founded in Kolkata, a integration of  projects, Social enterprises that connects, inspires , develop entrepreneurs and drive Social changes

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